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It’s here…The Emerald City Rally FUNdraiser – August 18, 2018

A Midnight Madness/Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally/whatever else you can think of!

A Fundraising Event for: POTR, Inc.
Production Staff for the Emerald City Rally (a.k.a. – Game Control)
– JR Lotito
– Dina Lotito
– Thomas Doran
– Dana DePersio
– Robert DePersio
– Lisa Zwerling

To register, click the following link: The Emerald City Rally is a full-day team even designed to incorporate the challenging events of a Midnight Madness, the fun and creative aspects of Scavenger Hunts, as well as other elements in an attempt to create an exciting, hilarious, and competitive game for all ages to enjoy.

Competitors register for the Event by forming Teams. Each team must have a vehicle. Teams may consist of as few as 2 members, or as many as can safely and comfortably fit in the team vehicle. Safety is, and must ALWAYS be, a concern when participating.
Team Registration Fee is $100.00. This fee is used to cover the incidental costs of planning and putting on an event of this magnitude, including things such as:
– clue construction (photocopies, pictures, pens/pencils, finger paints for JR, etc…)
Any and all money collected and NOT used for the preparation for the ECR will be donated to POTR, Inc.

Teams will begin at a pre-determined location, referred to as “Game Central”. It may also be referred to as the “Starting Line”. Each team will have a final meeting with the folks of Game Control BEFORE the event, in order to review basics, and answer any lingering questions that teams may have. The teams will then be issued their first clue, and are sent on their way for a fun afternoon and evening.
Clues may be in any numbers of forms: a riddle, a puzzle, a game, an encounter with someone or something, as well as other ideas we refuse to hint at. Upon determining the answer or meaning of the clue, teams will be guided to a new location. When they arrive at this new location, teams will search for their next clue to solve. This will lead them to another location with a new clue to solve, and so forth….
Teams are NOT told ahead of time how many clues there are to solve.
Upon solving the final clue (though teams will not know it is the final clue), teams will travel to a location known as the Finish Line. For purposes of this fundraiser, this final location is also referred to as the Emerald City. When all members of the team enter the Finish Line, their time clock stops.Teams are then taken aside, and have their information and packets reviewed. The packets will contain various items, such as photographs, puzzles, quizzes, games, etc. Any of these items MAY (or may not…) have a point or time value associated with them. If a team turns in their packet with the items completed, they may receive bonus points/time to benefit their overall score. If the items remain incomplete, or are incorrect, the team does not receive bonus time/points.
Game Control, at the end of the evening, calculates the total time/points for each team, and awards prizes to the top 3 teams.
The average game time is somewhere between 6-12 hours. Be prepared for a long day of fun!

1) Teams must have the same vehicle for the entire event
2) Teams must consist of at least 2 people. You may have as many as you wish on your teams, but must consider the safety and comfort of the people inside your vehicle. You will probably not want to have a 10-person team in a Honda Accord…. unless it’s a Clown Honda Accord. Up to 20 is permissible in Clown Honda Accords…
3) All team members must be present at the beginning and end of the event, unless previously agreed to by each member of the team AND Game Control. For example, if a team member really wishes to play, but cannot start/finish the event (due to work issues or something like that), Game Control may deem that permissible. The team member in question, however, is still responsible for their full share of the team’s Entry Fee.
4) At the time of the team’s final registration for the Event, each team must fill out and turn in a team roster, with the names of each team member, and one phone number (goodness forbid they get lost during the event, or something of an unforeseen nature where we need to reach them). Each team will nominate one member to be the Team Captain. When the team roster is finalized and accepted, Game Control will ask the team what Color they wish to be. This color, as chosen by the team members, needs to be worn by that team on Game Day. It can be as simple as a t-shirt, or as ornate as a whole outfit, but each team member needs to be in the matching color, chosen by them at the time of final registration.
Here’s the fun part of this:
– Game Control HIGHLY encourages a creative (but TASTEFUL) approach to Uniform selection. We at Game Control have been known to award bonus time/points for the Best or Most Creative Uniforms (hintedy hint hint). Don’t be afraid to personalize your Uniform. In theory, Game Control would love you to be able to have a new article of clothing for your everyday rotation. Think of the fun you’d have in telling the story of how your wacky uniform came to be…
NOTE: There WILL be pictures taken of teams in their Uniforms, so if you wear something incriminating or embarrassing, all the world will see… It will be up to you to elaborate to everyone as to why you were seen in such an outfit.

1) Have FUN. – POTR has created this idea because they think it’s something that you, the teams, would really enjoy and have fun with.
2) Safety – POTR and Game Control cannot stress this enough. This is a GAME first and foremost. Safety and responsibility have to be of the utmost importance when attempting to retrieve, solve, and travel to clue locations.
3) Fair Play – We don’t really feel as though we have to say this, but…. we will anyway.
– There are going to be points in the game where you will have a bundle of team’s clues in your sights. The proper procedure is to find your team member’s envelope/packet, and leave the others right where you found them. Do NOT sabotage or hide another team’s clue packets. The other teams that are out there may not be on the same clue path as your team is.
While we’re on the subject, Game Control has created this game so that each team will NOT be on the same path of clues. The clue locations, overall, may be the same, but team A will not be following the same clue patch as team B. Each team should have a different order of how the clues will appear to them, so as not to have teams following each other for hints.
4) Stuck? Need a hint?
Game Control can and will help you, but it comes at a price. If your teams is in need of a hint to solve a clue, the team calls in to Game Control. A Control Staff Member will ask the team to explain the situation they are in (how they have arrived at the point where they are currently stuck). The Staffer will then advise the teams that there are certain clues available.
TIER 1 CLUE: This is the clue that costs the least to the teams. It is a very basic clue with only slightly specific information designed to add minor assistance. If you feel that your team is close to solving the clue, but is missing that small piece of information, this is the clue to ask for.
TIER 2 CLUE: This is the mid-level clue. You feel like you’re not sure whether you’ve solved the clue properly, and need some more involved assistance to get the answer. The information given to the teams will be fairly specific in certain areas, based on whatever the Staffer determines the needs of the team to be.
TIER 3 CLUE: This is a very expensive clue. It is basically walking your team through the answer. It will allow your team to move on to the next location, but will cost your team a large amount of time/points.
Remember, the team that finishes first may NOT be the overall winner at the end of the day. The team that arrives at the Emerald City that has completed the run with the least amount of time, or the most amount of points, will be crowned the Champions of the Emerald City Rally.
When game day arrives, your team will be made aware of what time slot your team is given. Not all teams begin the ECR at the same time. Teams will be staggered in 10-20 minute intervals, so as to be able to answer any last questions, and create a more personable atmosphere with each team.
5) Be respectful.
Clues, as stated, come in many forms. There may be times where your clue is among a large group of people, or in a place of business. Be courteous and respectful. The people you encounter have very graciously agreed to donate their time/location/services to the fun of the Rally, but please remember that you are still in a public place. Do not disrupt or be discourteous to the surroundings.
This ties in with #2 and #5, but there are certain traffic laws and regulations that are put in place for a reason. We at Game Control see no reason to be driving 80 mph to get to a clue location. The clue isn’t going anywhere. Be safe, responsible, and reasonable. What fun is playing in the event if you have an accident from reckless driving mid-way through? Be smart. If you get pulled over, don’t go trying to tell the police that you’re playing in the ECR for charity. The police will look at you and laugh, and Game Control will disavow any knowledge of you, as we are not responsible…

The following is a list of items that Game Control has prepared. The items on the list may (or may not… muahahaha.) help you along the way.
scratch/note paper
Periodic Table Of Elements
three-hole punch
a CD of Henri Duparc music
snack foods
a recorder
Wonder Woman Costume
Tin Man Costume
travelling music
Suffolk County Hagstrom
bathing suits
baby llamas (hats are optional)
batteries for aforementioned flashlight
Farmer’s Almanac
a list of Tony Award winners for Best Musical.

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