Thank you to all who auditioned, for In the Heights.
The cast list will be posted by Thursday.
There was a lot of talent.
Please keep in mind that this was a committee decision.
The ensemble is such a crucial part of this show and we re hoping to work with all of you!


Important Casting Information

Auditions/Try-Outs are a difficult aspect of theatre, music, and sports. We ask that you respect the committee’s decision on casting. We will not be entertaining any questions or concerns as to the committee’s decision. We use a committee to make sure the decision is as fair as possible. It is not the choice of one individual; it is the choice of the committee as to who is cast in each role. We understand that everyone would like to be the star, but there can be only one lead. We also understand that students may be upset with the role that they are cast in, please be prepared as this is a possibility. We would like everyone to be a part of this incredible theatrical experience, however, if you feel you or your child cannot handle not being the lead role, we ask that you kindly let us know via email with just a one statement response stating that you or your child will no longer be continuing with the program so that we can recast the role. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding with this matter.