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Important Casting Information

Thank you to all who auditioned

Auditions/Try-Outs are a difficult aspect of theatre, music, and sports. We ask that you respect the committee’s decision on casting. We will not be entertaining any questions or concerns as to the committee’s decision. We use a committee to make sure the decision is as fair as possible. It is not the choice of one individual; it is the choice of the committee as to who is cast in each role. We understand that everyone would like to be the star, but there can be only one lead. We also understand that students may be upset with the role that they are cast in, please be prepared as this is a possibility. We would like everyone to be a part of this incredible theatrical experience, however, if you feel you or your child cannot handle not being the lead role, we ask that you kindly let us know via email with just a one statement response stating that you or your child will no longer be continuing with the program so that we can recast the role. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding with this matter.

FALL 2017

BYE BYE BIRDIE – Young Performer’s Edition (YPE) CAST LIST

This week’s schedule is Tuesday (vocals) & Wednesday (dance)
from 5-8PM Full Cast

Albert Peterson – Austin Sidito

Rose Alvarez – Lydia Korneffel

Mrs. Mae Peterson – Juliana De Persio

Conrad Birdie – Jake Pearson

Kim MacAfee – Haley Saunders

Hugo Peabody- Noah Cavallo

Mr. Harry MacAfee – Christian Serrecchia

Mrs. Doris MacAfee – Sasha Pace

Ursula Merkle – Lindsay Zezelic

Mrs. Merkle – Kathryn Viola

Randolph MacAfee – Robert De Persio

Mayor – Kris Kilkenny

Mayor’s Wife – Olivia Viola

Gloria Rasputin – Cadence De Persio

Harvey Johnson – Dylan Saavedra

Mr. Johnson – Cooper Daniels

Alice – Cadence De Persio

Deborah Sue – Katie Hanson

Helen – Lola Eichner

Nancy – Audrey Winters

Margie – Lucia MacCarthy

Penelope – Piper Whitney

Suzie – Brooke Pallonetti

Sad Girl (Dance Soloist in Put on a Happy Face) – Brooke Pallonetti

Ed Sullivan – Kris Kilkenny

Reporters – Lucia MacCarthy & Lola Eichner

Conductor – Jacob Pace

Policeman – Nicholas Damenti

Policewoman – Katie Daniels

Featured Dancers: Lola Eicher, Audrey Winters, Lindsay Zezelic,
Cadence De Persio, Brooke Pallonetti

Please see the list below for what role you will be
when you are not your named character.

Adults: Olivia Viola, Kathryn Viola, Kris Kilkenny, Nicholas Damenti,
Katie Daniels, Cooper Daniels, Jacob Pace

Kids: Lindsay Zezelic, Dylan Saavedra, Cadence De Persio,
Lola Eichner, Audrey Winters, Sasha Pace, Lucia MacCarthy,
Piper Whitney, Brooke Pallonetti, Katie Hanson


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